Freaky friday

May 11, 2012

Had some medieval electrocution done today with the Sisters of Perpetual Jokes About Forcing Confessions, St. Mary’s hospital! 20 year old EMG device by Atari lovingly operated by dr. Kornfeld. The shtick was thick. Great conversation bout how they don’t make em like they used to. Actually very cool. Gives a real time picture of electricity running through the body … or not. Then off to the needle in the neck. Less fun with IV in case i have a bagel vasel reaction (probably was basel vasel but kept getting laughs with the bagel so i ran with it! Maybe it was the drugs) I couldn’t see shit. I like to see what’s happening and make up own stories.





Life is delicate



2 Responses to “Freaky friday”

  1. lila said

    what happened??!

    • unco said

      Oh the usual… 🙂 tryin to sort out if there is anything left on my skeleton that is under warranty. Ugh

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