Friday finger

March 30, 2012


somebody I used to know

March 22, 2012

mind bending

March 19, 2012

Saw Robert Glasper last night. Mind bending. I first saw him a couple years back for SF Jazz fest and have not been the same since. In between losing my head, I had the thought that for as much as we have lost in this country, as long as we have this, we will be Ok. This is still the place where art is created and consumed in a medium, that in my humble opinion, is the most powerful and healing of arts.

They covered, Little Dragon, Sade, Radiohead, Nirvana, Bilal, David Bowie on top of all the original material. I am still replaying it all. Five minutes from my house.

Here they are in Paris doing Little Dragon/Nirvana… The Smells like Teen Spirit they did last night absolutely slammed! Check Chris dave on drums in the video


March 17, 2012

Visual noise

March 8, 2012

Think this is what R. Crumb was referring to when he was talking about all the clutter in the landscape that he had no capacity, or interest, in trying to remember how to draw. He filled sketchbooks with these scenes of wires and poles and clutter so that he could faithfully render America after he moved to France. SF, CA