Giant Friday

April 29, 2011


SPB 20th Convention SF

April 26, 2011

SPB global descended on SF this past weekend for what was rumored to be the last convention. Don’t believe it. Hadn’t seen so many of these heads in… 16 years some of  ’em…. was great to see ’cause I almost missed it if it wasn’t for my man Self. Dagan where the F were you? I stalked the scene like a paparazzi for a bit. Scared some of the old school Saratoga dudes with my Saratogian press pass. funny shit! I have to say that more solid dudes have come from that small town in upstate New York than most places I know…



April 22, 2011

with the recent passing of photographers tim hetherington and chris hondros, I am reminded of the incredible new york times Lens blog.

new tool

April 21, 2011

no, I have not joined a dungeon


April 19, 2011

to think you used to be able to get ‘way with this!. take a knee, lock both hands, and choke out. wtf! Sonics were hardddddddd! I’m doin this on a t-shirt. takin orders now….