Hate crime?

October 24, 2010

Have I talked about this before? My apologies. But I believe there is something sinister at work here. I have seen hate. And it is precisely because I CAN see that I realize the true victims. I thought I was the victim of horrible design and terrible oversight. No. I am the beneficiary. These bright yellow slick patches of death they have installed at the corners near my house…. I’m thinking why? Why design something so unsafe, wrapped in signifiers of safety: bright yellow, “traction bumps”? Why? Precisely so I CAN see them. I believe these curb slides are a hate crime against the blind and seeing impaired. Knowing how deadly these street “improvements” are, I can simply sidestep them or navigate my bike around them easily and at night due to the incredible VISIBILITY. But not the blind. The blind are fooled right into these Teflon coated corners.

Stop the madness! Erase hate!


5 Responses to “Hate crime?”

  1. bro said

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