amoeba metal part II

October 18, 2010

every so often I stroll up to Amoeba records and find myself drawn, by perhaps a demonic force, to the most metal of all metal sections of the record store. I wanted to share some of the good stuff with my friends on this, the most glorious day of the calendar year, the day which saw the birth of a genius boy, with emerald green eyes, many moons ago… yeah, man! me! happy birthday to me.

Highlights include the latest recordings and dulcet tones from Pig Destroyer, Embrace of Thorns, Drudkh, Drowning the Light, and Beherit. One cover depicts a hoven two-legged creature with skull head…well…uh…. the name of the album is “Profane Fornication Ejaculation.” A bargain at $12.98!! get some peace and love today! love it!!….


2 Responses to “amoeba metal part II”

  1. Alli said

    happy b-day!
    have some yummy dumplings:)


  2. bro said

    Rawwr Yarggh Mooaaaaachh!

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