Jeff from Salt lake City

October 17, 2010

I love reader comments sometimes more than the piece itself.  A reader’s comment from a Times Magazine piece called “Its a Guy Thing”

From the article:

“Guys, we’ve got your playbook. All this time, we’ve been operating under the mistaken assumption that you were choosing to get all belligerent every time our college boyfriend called, or to tune us out as your eyes became glued to the waitress’s breasts showcased in a T-shirt two sizes too small. It stood to reason, we thought, that you could simply choose otherwise, provided, of course, that you wanted to. Now, however, thanks to Louann Brizendine, M.D., author of “The Male Brain” (Broadway Books), we understand that choosing otherwise isn’t an option, because evolution has outfitted you with a brain that is, biologically speaking, not the same model as the one we were issued.”

And the comment:

In your list of the traits of men, watching sports, nacrolepsy after sex, etc., don’t forget we are also statistically much more likely to go to the moon and invent the internet. – Jeff, Salt Lake City.

Jeff! LOL


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