D’Angelo on mark Ronson’s new album. So stoked. Check the single on Soundcloud. The album sounds pretty good too. got to drop by amoeba soon…

thanks so much to all my great friends who made it out to the show in L.A. I felt the love and feel lifted…. thanks! The bag has been a success so far and Ari is stoked so thats all that matters really to me…. Click on the FLICKR stream for hipster varification. My camera memory card took a shit so I couldnt post my peoples: Steve, Renee, Larissa, Flinderman, Langlois, Flynness Aurelius, Tehra, Jess … much love….


September 23, 2010

He told me he is gunnin to make Category 3 soon. Mumbled something about starting a doping program like his good friend Lance. First shipment of what he calls “the spread” showed up today. Sad.


September 23, 2010

Street side. Cool. Windows down, you could smell the wood and leather. Could fall asleep in the back seat.

come on out…

September 23, 2010

Ari bag launches tonight at Project Space on La Brea