Thierry bienvenus!

July 21, 2010

whiteboard battle!

July 20, 2010

a dry-erase battle is brewing between 3rd and 4th floor! looks to me like 3rd floor has it in hand…. I love glass walls.

anyone that knows me well, knows my hatred for the mosquito. I dont use the word hate lightly because my mom told me when I was young that hate is a very strong word that means you want to kill. *note – I am open to a discussion re: the value of all life, but until then, let me present a thrilling discovery! Frickin’ Lasers!!!! for real. If I had the chops, this is what I might have dedicated myself to. Bill Gates is backing the group. The lasers are able to track and distinguish, then eliminate. Ye-hes!! check an article in WIRED and the rad slo-mo snuf film below….

so cool

July 14, 2010

went for ride the other day. Green boy’s ’73 Raleigh three speed and a green girl’s ’73 (ish) Schwinn three speed!

kissing cousins!


July 14, 2010

is this really a wallet? She was gonna go running with it in her pocket?! really Asch? really?