Hong Kong, OK sir.

May 6, 2010

always nice to wake up to an email that says something like, “SF fire department called to your apartment, kicked down door. You should secure your belongings”… when you are half way around the globe. uhhh….


5 Responses to “Hong Kong, OK sir.”

  1. kris said

    I woke up once to a call from the Bellingham police telling me my car had been rolled over while I was out of town. Is that something?

    Sorry about your apartment!!!

  2. kris said

    why am i waiting for moderation?

    • unco said

      Maybe this help…
      Moderation is:
      * A way of life started at The American School In Japan by Chaiken of Biology. This lifestyle emphasizes perfect amounts of everything, not indulging in too much of one thing, hence moderation.

      Moderation is also a principle of life. In ancient Greece, the temple of Apollo at Delphi bore the inscription Meden Agan – ‘Nothing in excess’. Doing something “in moderation” means not doing it excessively. For instance, someone who moderates their food consumption tries to eat all food groups, but limits their intake of those that may cause deleterious effects to harmless levels. Similarly in Christianity, moderationism is the position that drinking alcoholic beverages temperately is permissible, though drunkenness is forbidden (see Christianity and alcohol). Moderation is a characteristic of the Swedish national psyche, more specifically described by the Swedish synonym lagom.

  3. bro said

    Always, always check the stove before you leave

  4. kris said

    thank you, unco.

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