thug life

February 28, 2010

couple weeks back, spent the weekend at a majah plush eco spa extravaganza in Calistoga. super nice good times including good food, great friend, mud slinging spa jams, mineral waters, and of course, the thug life was well represented. went into town on the provided beach cruisers, stopped in to the local book store to get me some Cormac McCarthy violence and stopped short at the counter…in the pin bin along with the smiley faces, “lattes make me happy”, smiling kittens, buy local pins was a pin that clearly was speaking directly to me. Calistoga wine country, beach cruisers, eco-spa…the THUG LIFE.

sitting at my desk. found a card in my breast pocket. musta been there for a while. NO, this is not my local connect. this is something on a far stranger, how far does the rabbit hole go kinda thing…. Funny, I dont remember blacking out? This doesn’t help at all – CLICK

this guy did it…

February 25, 2010

I had thought to myself that it would be rad if people used the skateboard straps attachments to haul a frame, or tubes, or…well, this cat hauled his BMX to the jumps on the back of my messenger bag. very satisfying to see.

check the video HERE

papa got a brand new bag…s

February 25, 2010

seems rare that I get to share projects. launched a new courier collection that I am pretty happy with today. an extension of the project I did with HUF and DQM.

check it HERE and the HUF/DQM stuff  HERE

its Monday and I am commited

February 22, 2010