the fish flies over a blue sky

December 27, 2009

Good day continued: a reuben, couple movies at a deserted movie theater I never knew existed (I ride past this building literally every day), and a mystery in the Park. I was sittin in this park, admiring the view, and thankful for the absolute quiet. Thinking the longer I sat there, the more details I might notice… I was checking out the metal arms of the benches and noticed a little extra something. For some reason I decided to start taking pictures as I approached, instead of after, just in case it might turn into something…


3 Responses to “the fish flies over a blue sky”

  1. huphtur said

    Call Nicolas Cage, see if he can figure out the riddle to get to the next clue.

  2. Dad ( as in parental unit ) said

    Wonder what you made of the fish flying? Or the key that came with the message? TFFOTBS or 20 6 6 15 20 2 19 ……none very helpful directly. There must be meaning to someone though, perhaps a way to ID the key to someone looking for it.

  3. bro said

    Run it through a Kabbalistic algorithm.

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