August 10, 2009




August 6, 2009

ahhh man…. New York is rad. the Highline through the eyes of Bill Cunningham. so cool. click.

Picture 6

Now serving, G, 86

August 6, 2009

G86 will be my name when if I find myself in the waiting room on the way down….



future primitive

August 5, 2009

Masai warriors shooting bow and arrows, dressed in Nike tracksuits, running shoes, and baseball caps…tribal fighting in Kenya.


Yasuyoshi Chiba/Agence France-Presse

blog jammin’

August 5, 2009

china has no love for the blog, or the face, or the space, or the twit, or anything that could be considered networked. thus the three week freeze. a prize to the first person that can tell me how the below image is somehow related?  a two-hour traffic jam because balloon guy decided to set up shop in the middle of the road. they shoot protesters in Urumqi, but balloon guy? naw, lets talk this out.