April 30, 2009

focusing my third eye



April 27, 2009

once again, google has a very optimistic opinion of my abilities. in particular, this time I am trying to get across the Bay and thought I would take the train instead of drive. I clicked on the options for “walking.” y-hes! get yer salt water sandles and yer savior-of-the-universe robe on! I’m walkin’ to Oakland!

by car


and by foot


Van Wallen

April 24, 2009

new project working with a musician. was at his recording studio in LA and was all cool n shit till I saw this perched on a rack of guitars. kinda fully geeked out on this one.





April 21, 2009

my f@*n feet! really?! I was out this weekend and my feet got royally burned. no bueno. hard to tell from the pic, but if you take the time to sit down, take a picture, and write about your feet…. I just realized how much of a loser I am! it was nice at the beach though. come on guy! it reminds of when I was living in Thailand. One night I fell asleep with my feet sticking out of the sheet at the bottom. I had to teach class the next day and I had to wear shoes to school. At one point I am sitting there in class and I swear I can see my shoes throbbing. I took my shoes off and counted something like 25 +/- mosquito bites on each foot. I started to itch, then I started to cry. I used to get made fun of when I was young for my big ol platforms. Someone in a leather chair with suede elbow patches might suggest I have unresolved feet issues. hmmmm…interesting…..


first, is the dare…


…then the commitment…


…and finally, the malaise sets in. Peeps – Made in USA.