LA was warm for a minute….

March 23, 2009

felt a little like a politician this weekend. shook hands with co-workers, peers, friends, family, foes, and kissed babies. recorded a PSA about the “joy” of design while simultaneously realizing I had kinda f*d some of the details of the design I was talking about (I need to product test more). ate sushi, chicken tacos and chipotle fries all at the same restaurant – dont recommend it as the combo produces startling, confusing, and unpredictable results for the subject.¬† I do recommend ice cream sandwiches at Delilah’s in Echo Park (holy crap!), Cafe Laurent in Culver City… oh! and Dino’s Chicken and Burgers in Irwindale is the bomb!!! I need some water… never got my nap, but its all good…









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