March 11, 2009

they used to be called Caramel de-Lites. samoas sounds vaguely wrong doesnt it? whatever. like an addict to crack, I saw someone walking down the street with a box tucked under their arm. and I’m out….

you want to know the feeling I have tearing into a fresh one for my first hit? look at this girl – her addiction so pure at such a young age. I hide, close the curtains, maintain a semblance of normalcy….. this girl is gone. pray for her and condemn her enablers.





4 Responses to “samoas”

  1. huphtur said

    That’s funny you bring this up, Nic and I always trip out on this Girl Scout Cookies billboard on the way to work. It features a girl a lil bit too excited. I’ll see if we can snap a pic for ya…

  2. nic said

    oh man, you’re gonna be so pumped when you see the billboard. almost as pumped as the girl in that pic!

  3. ucllctbl said

    Ill never be as pumped as that first high, but I keep chasin’…

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