Draplin Design

January 15, 2009

I have to thank my friend and sometime co-conspirator/sounding board Arlie for turning me on to Aaron James Draplin and Draplin Design. Thank you, sir. It started simply with a white Bic ballpoint. It looks exactly like any number of ballpoint pens that you might find in the junk drawer in the kitchen. But what you come to find is how meticulously. fuck it. I was going to try to wax poetic about objects, but my written skills would not do justice. you either get it or you dont. let me know if you do. the shit is right. being the broke ass gentleman that I am, I wanted another pen in case I lost the one Arlie gave me. So I paypal for two pens. I shit you not. I think the total was like $3, maybe? In the mail I get what you see below. I have never been so happy to receive something in the mail. Postage alone was $1.68 + time + more than I asked for = righteous dude.

check this video interview HERE. seriously.

and his website HERE





gary the dog sticker -which I should have shot before I put on my mug. needless to say he’s a long dog



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