Tour De Déjeuner

January 31, 2009

another beautiful day in SF! I organized a friday ride for lunch and we had a good showing for the first day. hit up Truly Mediterranean in the Mision for some falafel and shawerma. great food – said so on the sign. I love seeing that many bikes stacked up…



charlie cooper passed away a few days ago. 31 and had just released a great album with telefon tel aviv. just got it yesterday and have been listening ever since.


from left, charlie cooper and josh eustis

Draplin Super Bowl

January 28, 2009

another great design from Draplin in the New York Times.



January 27, 2009



January 26, 2009

went down to the bro-heavy ASR tradeshow in San Diego last week (not as bad as the Afflicted Magic show in Vegas!). Tons of the samo. Lots of skateboard, surfing brands. One side of the convention center they had a half pipe where a bunch of 18- 20 somethings were riding. This one little kid stood out – first, because he was like two feet tall and second, becasue he was damn near the best one there. absolutely killing it. I asked his dad how old? 8. holy crap. tried the action shot. trust me, it was cool.