Halloween, by coincidence only, at the office. I love the superhero green boots – dude is not dressed up, this is his regular gear. and Old Greg rolls with a zyrconium crusted watch and gold pants – normal. group shot of the shoes. mine are the bu-usted converse of course. and finally Andrew, who took the first hour of the day to apply makeup while watching a “makeup how-to” on youtube. American productivity will save us all!

Studs Terkel R.I.P.

October 31, 2008

He was a native New Yorker who moved to Chicago as a child and came to embrace and embody his adopted town, with all its ”carbuncles and warts,” as he recalled in his 2007 memoir, ”Touch and Go.” He was a cigar and martini man, white-haired and elegantly rumpled in his trademark red-checkered shirts, an old rebel who never mellowed, never retired, never forgot, and ”never met a picket line or petition I didn’t like.”

uncle tim

October 24, 2008

going to be an Uncle again!


October 24, 2008

worked this project for a bit and it has finally dropped. a few silkscreen challenges for sure. check out the great video on his inspiration. it would be a dream to have ideas flow as easily from pen to paper…

no shit.

October 15, 2008