…this is what is meant by coffee when it is offered.

Koons @ Versailles

September 11, 2008

As to why he put an assemblage of vacuum cleaners among portraits of royal women in the queen’s antechamber, he replied that, among other things, vacuum cleaners are “very womb-like.” –Elaine Sciolino


September 11, 2008

rubber bullets

September 11, 2008

Mr. Sendak is pleased with the coming birthday celebration, just as he is about his awards and honors, but in the end, he maintained, they don’t add up to much. They “never penetrated,” he said. “They were like rubber bullets.”

It’s not that he isn’t grateful. “They made me happy, but at a certain point in your life, you see through them,” he said. “You don’t mock them, you don’t hate them, you feel sorry for them” — tiny, inert emblems that just aren’t up to the task of answering pressing questions about meaning, soul-touching greatness and durability.

Patricia Cohen


September 10, 2008

A Genetically Engineered Swat

“Last week, I discussed rewriting the genes of viruses in order to make better vaccines. This week, I’d like to discuss the genetic engineering of mosquitoes as a way to stop the spread of dengue fever….”

Olivia Judson, The New York Times

click the link above for more…pretty cool. a little more robust an idea than the pager sized device I had imagined that would create a “force field” to deter mosquitoes. At one point I had at min. 50 bites on each of my feet when I lived in Thailand. And I caught the dengue, too. If damaged memory serves, my girlfriend found me mumbling, laying in front of a cafe in only my boxers … I hate mosquitoes.